Brooke Banks

Brooke Banks

Phone: (602)427-7580

Hi my name is Brooke Banks, I am an established resident here in the Valley. I enjoy coming to you so that you can be comfortable in an atmosphere where you are the most familiar. If that is not an option, no problem. I have a lovely and comfortable home as well. My pics are 100% accurate. So if your interested in having a great time, or had been considering reaching out to me for a while, but for some reason haven’t had the time…now is it. I am a genuine person. I cater to men that enjoy women the same as others enjoy a glass of fine wine. I’m an 1982 that gets better every year. Pour a glass, drink me in, relish the undertones missed on the novice and add me to your collection.

If you wish to meet with me and my girlfirend, as it can be tough meeting the right ‘one’, sometimes meeting with two is am efiecient way to find what your looking for. My girlfriend is very special and is also seeking a casual relationship with a man.


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