Hazel eyed Phoenix Rose

Hazel eyed Phoenix Rose

Contact Phone:  (480)442-9201

The best thing about falling in Love is the fall.

I make that happen every time……

It is not that you plan it that way but it is just what happens when faced with the ultimate femininity and sensuality that is me…

What you expect and what you’re used to will be hard to return to once you’ve had the opportunity to make me smile. My smile is the kind of smile that leaves butterflies in your stomach as if you just rode a vicious roller coaster. My kiss will remind you of the first time you ever wanted a woman. Wanting her in a way which leaves you breathless.

The best thing about me is that my manners match my elegance and beauty. Be assured that I know how to compliment my date’s perfect night out, weekend or just some quality time.

Until we meet.

350 / hr
650 / 2hrs
please add 50 for Outcall



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