Kali Gail

Kali Gail

Email: memorablekali@gmail.com
Website: kaligail.omgmaker.com

I’m a naturally sensual, highly xxxxx woman with an adventurous, open minded, curious, outgoing and fun personality. I have a job and in my spare time I enjoy meeting new ppl and especially continue learning more about my repeat clients.
For me to meet someone we both have to feel that connection, that chemistry In order for it to be an amazing experience for us both (my beliefs anyway).
I’m extremely genuine, honest, loyal and caring with the people I meet in my personal and work life alike. There is no acting with me 🙂 .
I’m still newer to this world and I’ve learned that I enjoy it immensely. Which, leads me to let you know that I wont be able to see everyone that contacts me. I don’t want to get to the point where our time together is no longer enjoyed. Basically, I want this to continue as a passion and not a career. So plz don’t take it personal if that connection isn’t there. We can’t all have that spark with everyone we talk to. 🙂
Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about me and my thoughts. I’d love to chat with you in a more private and personal way, 1st through email and then start a wonderful and exciting journey together.
If you have questions about anything plz just email me and ask 🙂
For further information plz check my website.
I prefer a one week or more notice for appts. Please…if able. Ty :))

Kali Gail xo