Phoebe Phelpz

Phoebe Phelpz

Phone: (480)630-4536

I would describe myself as a multi-faceted woman whose interests span a very broad spectrum. I am by nature sensual, inquisitive and deeply passionate with a depth of knowledge seemingly beyond my years. Young, vibrant & sweet with deviant and exhibitionist leanings also describes me well. I’m known to be touchy feely, laugh easily/often, and sincerely care about the unbinding relationships we form in this manner of meeting. Education, travel, hundreds of great books, defining business experiences, and time spent with interesting, successful people like you have shaped me to truly believe each day really is a precious gift. I have a unique sense of humor, an obscure but excellent taste in music, charm in spades, a voracious appetite for closeness and conversation and a deep appreciation for the genuine. Intelligent, witty, classy and cultured with a diverse range of interests; I promise you will not grow bored with me! I am an ardent sapio-sexual, curious and exploratory, with many admirable qualities- but time and time again I am told that the greatest of such is that I am real. I don’t inhabit a “personality” or “character”. I love to share my warm personality with others. This will translate in the time we share.


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