Raelyn’s Corruption, It’s Tension Reduction!

Raelyn's Corruption, It's Tension Reduction!

Name:     Raelyn
Location:     Phoenix, AZ
Call:     (480)256-2808

Age:     23-29
Height:     5′ 5
Size:     36D
Ethnicity:     Caucasian
Service:     1 HR: $200

With no exception,
And remembering discretion,
You call for my location
Bringing the donation.

First, introduction.
And after the transaction,
It’s time for satisfaction.

Relax, it’s a mini vacation…
And I have the solution
To relieve your tension
‘Cause it’s my mission.

You lay on the cushion.
I stroke your extension
And get into position
For french submerssion.

You think I am a magician.
I have your attention,
Now get ready for perfection.
Grabbing the rubber contraption,
Put on protection…
And the next option
Is insertion.

You love the action
And feel passion.
You have the attraction
For future interaction.

As I grind on your erection
We make connection.
No interuption,
No disruption,
Just excertion.

No need for lotion.
I rock like the ocean.
You get the notion
To taste my potion.
After the steady motion,
MmMMmm… consumption.

Here comes your secretion…
You tremble with your eruption.

Too tired for resurrection,
You go to refreshen
And thank me for the session.
Since there’s no substitution,
You want a subscription,
But need a perscription
For Raelyn’s addiction.
-Another Original by Raelyn

120 HH / 200 H



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