The ‘OLDER’ woman Allure?

The 'OLDER' woman Allure?

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Yes its happening I am now that woman that men call when they have a desire for the that older woman experience lol . It cracks me up when they call and tell me their age and I say well you know I am much older than you and they respond that is why they are calling so I guess I now have my own special niche , What is really funny is when they are almost my age and want the older woman and want to role play and they look much older than me …..kinda hard to pretend I am their high school teacher or mother lol. Oh well we do what we can and just try to make sure everyone leaves happy so far so good and best of all it still can be fun ! Life is full of surprises and most of them are great ! On a side note I heard somewhere recently that pubic hair was making a comeback just go’s to show if your around long enough everything comes back in style I never was a big fan of the shaved look better left to the porn stars real women should have some hair and I do like men to have some hair as I find it sexy too! well off to Chicago soon back on the 23rd for Christmas and New years first time in 8 yrs I will be here in AZ to celebrate and am really looking forward to having my whole family together. I hope everyone takes a moment to reach out to their loved ones even those that have fallen out of favor time is too short to hold onto bad or hurt feelings. Today I heard the Best qualities used to describe Nelson Mandela was his kindness and ability to forgive maybe we all could learn from him especially during this time of year

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